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Harvey Finch Enterprise

     Harvey Finch Enterprise was started by Harvey Finch and HooNoz. Many first mistook HFE for a record label. But they weren't. They were a visual and audio production company.  But as time went on and music was released, many being artists first actual "project," the response from listeners was clear...HFE WAS a label.

     HFE was helping artists release in a way no one could touch. Everything being done in house made the work flow as smooth as running water. As artists were prepping to release new projects, the promotion and marketing mirrored that of industry standards complete with music videos, interviews, articles, independent media appearances. and more.

    This formula built a platform that has continued to help the music reach around the world. With songs having reached air waves all around the U.S, as well as places in other parts of the world like Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. This progress has led to endorsements for artists, sponsorships for ciphers and videos, distribution deals and some artists have begun to find their music and videos on Roku channels, Comcast channels and even found music videos are showing up on China and Japans variation of Youtube.

     HFE has become the first reign on many underground artists climb up the underground ladder. To date, HFE has released over 300 videos, over 100 projects, and distributed roughly 850,000 album copies independently.


      You may contact us directly at We have packages for just about all budgets and can easily take your ideas from the paper to an actual project packaged for the publics presentation.

    Please take a few minutes to check out some of our work....and like us on facebook,suscribe to us on youtube...and contact us if you want dedicated artists making your visions come to life.

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